Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Neurogram Data Set

This is the data set of our Neurogram research. The Neurogram is the neurological version of the Enneagram. The Neurogram is about the hardware of the brain. For more information, see: NLP & the Neurogram

We are extremely confident in our approach to personality typing with the Neurogram. So much in fact that we offer the following bet: we will pay you 95 euro for each person doing the subjective Bayesian Neurogram test that is not convinced of his or her personality type as long as you pay us 5,- euro each time they do for the next 100 people participating in this test.

How to read the data set. Each line is a participant. Tests have been done by NLP coaches and NLP trainers of the NLP Circle Foundation Europe. The first number is that probability that for a certain persons that behavioral patterns of that type fit his or her behavior. The number in parenthesis behind it is the prior the person had assigned themselves. That way you can spot the people who had done a similar personality type earlier.