NLP Data Set 4.1

The purpose of this data set was to see whether NLP improved the lives for people who were perfectly okay. In the NLP 3.1 data set we looked at people who on average had 800 problem days for the last 1000 days. Quite disturbed people. In the NLP 4.1 data set we looked at how many people without major issues would improve their very good to perfect days. As it turns out only about 33% actually did. So we are not going to have any bets on this research. The results simply aren’t good enough. As the participants were overall enthousiastic and love to continue their NLP training we asked why most of them drop in the number of very good to perfect days. Most common answer was that about 80% of the participants became more critical. What used to count as a very good to perfect day wasn’t any longer after some NLP training. Who would have thought that people get more critical from the right kind of NLP training rather than report unrealistically high number of very good to perfect days.

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